Our manifesto

Our history

In 1880, the Laquerrière brothers, renowned architects of the town of Elbeuf,

gave birth to the majestic Petit Château de Conteville.

After falling victim to the Germans during the Occupation in 1944,

a new page was turned in 1970 with the arrival of the Darblay paper mill,

transforming the château into a vacation camp, but also with the arrival,

in 1982, an association organizing vacation camps for young people with disabilities.

In 1990, Le Petit Château became a seminar center, and then the charming family home we cherish today. Over the decades, Petit Château de Conteville

de Conteville has matured, preserving its childlike spirit and welcoming each visitor

with a wealth of stories and memories that make every event

a warm and authentic experience.

Our team

Our values

At Le Petit Château, teamwork, adventure and beauty are values we hold dear

inspiring, energizing and our collective compass on a daily basis

and are our collective compass on a daily basis.
The immensity of this place leads you to adventure, guides you to the discovery of your senses

and yourself. Be open to change, allow yourself a moment of oblivion.

The charm of Le Petit Château will drop your adult mask.
Suddenly, you're back in the adventure of your childhood.
Le Petit Château is a diversity of complementary personalities united around a common project, sharing the same values with the aim of providing you with

an unforgettable, convivial experience.

Our commitments

At Le Petit Château, we embrace a way of life that's respectful of the environment

and community-minded lifestyle. Our homemade compost, our careful water management

and our commitment to respecting the seasons and local, eco-labeled products are just a few of the small actions we take every day. We encourage

our valued customers to follow our example, by adopting simple gestures

such as controlling light and water consumption, and sorting waste.
We open up to our neighbors and our environment, giving visibility to all those who contribute to the good around us. By developing projects

such as a truant school to explore our environment

our creative encounters, as well as the creation of associative initiatives within our family home, we are evolving

our commitment to making Le Petit Château a place where individual well-being

and the planet go hand in hand.

Our partners


Le Matelas Français specializes in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows and bedding accessories using eco-friendly materials. Let us surprise you with our exceptional comfort, creating a cocoon of softness and warmth that envelops every moment of sleep

The furniture

Tikamoon offers contemporary furniture, with a focus on original designs and an ethical approach
wood and craftsmanship.
The furniture conveys an authentic, warm and responsible atmosphere, while adding a handcrafted dimension that reinforces the character of Le Petit Château.

Good food

Les Petits Plats de Chacha orchestrates an authentic culinary experience.

Each dish is a celebration of Mediterranean gastronomy, offering a diversity of flavors as exceptional as they are unforgettable.

The right products

Les Jardins de l'Hermitine, Les Jardins des Falaises and Aux Planches Gourmandes are more than just market gardeners for Le Petit Château; they are passionate partners who share a common vision of organic farming.

Their commitment to quality produce, grown with care and respect for the environment, brings unrivalled authenticity and freshness to every dish.

The tea

Vert-Tiges awakens the senses with over 800 references of tea, coffee and infusions, crafted in Normandy since 2004.

Their dedication to natural, certified organic compositions is an invitation to a unique and authentic sensory experience, adding a touch of sweetness to every moment spent at the Château.